New “Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat, kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary No3 Topic “Let’s get to know Thai fruit.”

kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary

“Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat, kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile DiaryNo3 Topic “Let’s get to know Thai fruit.”

🙏😃☀️🌿Hello everyone who contacted the writing, telling the story that everyone wants to know Thailand .. Today, 🐱 A Thai cat named “Ayumi” Will let’s everyone know a kind of Thai fruit That has health benefits and is cheap …. that is “dragon fruit”

🌱🌱Is a plant in the cactus family 🌵(CACTACEAE)🌵 originated in southern Mexico and neighboring countries. And in Thailand, has been cultivated since 1997
🌵The dragon fruit is a triangular stem, separated into 3 lobes, looks succulent. Dark green mixed with gray

🌼 The flower of the dragon fruit is a large single flower. There are many male pollen. There is 1 female stalk. The petals are on the top of the ovary. When the bloom resembled a spittoon Which will bloom in the early hours until morning With a mild fragrance🌼🌼🌼

💞The dragon fruit is a sphere. There are many seeds (berry) that have petals in the fruit. When dissected, they are milky white, pink, red or 🌿Dragon fruit is a low-energy fruit (about 50 – 60 kcal / 100 g). The sugar found is mainly glucose, fructose and sucrose. The flesh of the dragon fruit contains high levels of vitamin C. Dietary fiber and potassium. In which vitamin C helps To stimulate the immune system Dietary fiber helps to feel full longer. And improving the excretion Therefore should be suitable for those who want to control blood sugar levels or control weight

☀️🌵🌵Because this fruit is high in potassium. In addition, substances found in the oligosaccharide group, which has prebiotic properties. Stimulates the growth of probiotics in the intestines Helps with bowel movements And the seeds of the dragon fruit are still abundant

🌵🌵Eating the fruit of the fruit is beneficial to the body. Because the dragon fruit has many vitamins And contains dietary fiber that helps with bowel movements There is also a good tendency to reduce fat and sugar levels in blood Which the dragon fruit is considered a good option But should eat in the right size And have to eat a variety of foods too

The story is partially About Thai fruits Would like everyone to try eating Thai fruits In each season of fruit Come to Thailand Not as difficult as you think. Importantly, Thai fruit is very cheap …. Come to Thailand with a Thai cat named “Ayumi” …. Thai cats are waiting for everyone to come to Thailand … 🙆🏻❤️🐱❤️Oh … now the shoots of the dragon fruit tree Planted in pots together … and more, with a yellow dragon fruit Jelly-like inside Sweet and delicious … Oh … during this month This month, a lot of dragon fruit has been released for sale …

🐱 Thai cats “Ayumi” sincerely hope The 3rd head diary will make everyone happy …. Thank you to the followers. This is the encouragement for Ayumi to write the next story… Oh, next time Yumi’s story will be about growing mango trees. Please look forward to Ayumi’s work. …see you to next time…
Sawadee ka🙏🙏🙏🙏🐱❤️🐱❤️

新しいてくばり仲間。「微笑みの国を体感」タイ猫、こでまり あゆみ ハッピースマイル日記 No3 トピック「タイの果物を知ろう」

🙏😃☀️🌿誰もがタイを知りたいと話して、執筆に連絡したすべての人にこんにちは..今日、🐱「あゆみ」という名前のタイの猫は、健康上の利点があり、安いタイの果物の種類をみんなに知らせます.. ..それが「ドラゴンフルーツ」です



💞ドラゴンフルーツは球体です。果実に花びらを持つ種子(ベリー)がたくさんあります。解剖すると、乳白色、ピンク、赤、または🌿ドラゴンフルーツは低エネルギーのフルーツです(約50〜60 kcal / 100g)。見つかった砂糖は主にブドウ糖、果糖、ショ糖です。ドラゴンフルーツの果肉には、高レベルのビタミンCが含まれています。食物繊維とカリウム。ビタミンCが免疫システムを刺激するのに役立つ食物繊維は、より長く満腹感を感じるのに役立ちます。そして、排泄を改善するため、血糖値を制御したり、体重を制御したい人に適しているはずです



話の一部はタイの果物についてみんなにタイの果物を食べてもらいたい果物の季節ごとにタイに来てくださいあなたが思うほど難しくはありません。重要なのは、タイの果物はとても安いです….「あゆみ」という名前のタイの猫と一緒にタイに来てください….タイの猫はみんながタイに来るのを待っています…🙆🏻❤️🐱❤️ああ…今ドラゴンフルーツの木の芽を一緒に鉢植えに…そしてもっと、黄色いドラゴンフルーツがゼリーのように中に甘くて美味しい…ああ…今月中にたくさんのドラゴンフルーツがリリースされましたセール …

🐱タイの猫「あゆみ」は、3回目のヘッドダイアリーがみんなを幸せにすることを心から願っています….フォロワーに感謝します。これはあゆみが次の物語を書くことへの励ましです…ああ、次回はゆみの物語はマンゴーの木を育てることについてです。あゆみさんの作品をお楽しみに。 …また会いましょう…

News paper New “tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat, kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile DiaryNo3 Topic “Let’s get to know Thai fruit.”

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kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary