“Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat, kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary No10 Topic 🌺🌸 ” 👉Let’s get to know Thai ginger tea 🌱🍵”💮🍃

kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary

“Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat, kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary No10 Topic 🌺🌸 ” 👉Let’s get to know Thai ginger tea 🌱🍵”💮🍃

Hello 🙋everyone 🙏😄 How are you doing? Yumi wishes everyone to be healthy and safe. Yumi would like to encourage everyone in moving forward with the situation of the corona virus outbreak …
🩺Health care is important to everyone. But to be healthy, we need protection rather than correction, right? As Yumi had previously introduced, all this is going to be introduced into today’s diary, namely, getting to know Thai ginger tea.The taste may differ depending on the species.And flavoring to suit the taste of people who like to drink ginger tea to maintain health, sure enough.
🌿🍵Mentioning the name “Ginger” who does not know Thai herbs that give a spicy and yet fragrant taste Can be used to make consumer products such as soap, cosmetics, medicine and food, both sweet and savory. And drinks It also has various properties.🍃🍃
💥 Properties of Thai ginger💥
🍵1. Against colds🌿
“Ginger”, this kind of spicy herb that has properties against colds. Or the flu As the research says Ginger protects the respiratory system from various pathogens. Eliminate virus In addition, the consumption of ginger.In addition, consuming ginger can help relieve sore throats. You can say that whoever has a cold, it is best to sip ginger water.
🍵2. Relieve nausea🌿
Ginger can actually help you recover from nausea in many forms, such as motion sickness, seasickness, morning sickness, or even the nausea that occurs in people with cancer. (After chemotherapy) However, it is better to consult a medical professional before taking it for safety.
🍵3.Relieve muscle pain🌿
According to the study, it was found that Consuming 2 grams of ginger a day for 11 days reduces muscle aches in people who exercise regularly. So after a workout, sip a cup of ginger tea.
🍵4. Prevent osteoarthritis🌿
Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. Help prevent osteoarthritis, which is a common health problem. The study found that People who consumed or used ginger extracts had less pain in their muscles. As a result, the need to reduce pain medication intake. Which is considered a good thing
🍵5. Against Diabetes🌿
Research has said Ginger has properties to protect you from diabetes. Diabetics who ate 2 grams of ginger a day reduced blood sugar by 12%. It is considered a very useful Thai herb.
🍵6. Relieve bloating🌿
For those who suffer from indigestion, we recommend eating a variety of dishes from ginger because this herb is useful in digestion. Relieve pain in the upper part of the stomach, expel the wind as a mild laxative.
🍵7. Reduce menstrual pain.🌿
This feature every woman should keep in mind. Ginger helps reduce menstrual pain! In the study, it was found that Women who took 1 gram of ginger a day for the first 3 days of menstruation had less pain Drinking ginger juice can provide as much relief from pain during that day of the month. With taking pain relievers
🍵8. Lower cholesterol levels🌿
Ginger can help reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Research has said People with high cholesterol eating 3 grams of ginger a day, helping to significantly lower cholesterol levels. But even so, you should consult a doctor before eating it.
😄✨🌿🍵How are you? Knowledge and properties about ginger that Yumi shared with everyone.I hope it is more or less useful, but all the time, Yumi wants everyone to be healthy, let’s drink herbal drinks. Next time Yumi will bring you other kinds of Thai herbs to share.Hope you all continue to support Yumi. Thank you very much. See you again.🙏😄🙋

てくばり仲間。「微笑みの国を体感」タイ猫、こでまり あゆみ ハッピースマイル日記 No10 トピック 🍃タイのジンジャーティーを知ろう!🌱🍵の巻

こんにちは🙋皆さん🙏😄 元気にしていますか?ゆみは、皆さんが健康で安全であることを願っています。ゆみんは、コロナウイルス発生の状況を前進させるために、皆さんを励ましたいと思います。



🌿🍵”ジンジャー “と言えば、知らない人はいないでしょう。スパイシーでありながら香り高い味わいのタイのハーブは、石鹸、化粧品、薬などの消費財や、甘いものやしょっぱいものなどの食品に使われます。そして飲み物にも 様々な特性があります。🍃🍃


🍵1. 風邪に効く🌿。
“ジンジャー”、この種のスパイシーなハーブは、風邪に対する特性を持っています。またはインフルエンザ 研究によると、生姜は様々な病原体から呼吸器系を保護します。ウイルスを排除します。 さらに、生姜を摂取することで、喉の痛みを和らげることができます。風邪をひいている人は、生姜水を口にするのが一番だと言えます。

🍵2. 吐き気を和らげる🌿。
生姜は、乗り物酔い、船酔い、つわり、がん患者の吐き気など、さまざまな吐き気を回復させる効果があります。(化学療法後) ただし、安全のために、医療専門家に相談してから摂取したほうがよいでしょう。


🍵4. 変形性関節症を防ぐ🌿。

🍵5. 糖尿病対策に🌿。

🍵6. 膨満感を和らげる🌿。

🍵7. 生理痛の軽減。
この機能は、すべての女性が覚えておくべきです。生姜には生理痛を軽減する効果があります! 研究では、月経の最初の3日間、1日に1グラムの生姜を摂取した女性は、痛みが少なかったことがわかりました。 生姜ジュースを飲むと、その月のその日の痛みをできるだけ和らげてくれます。鎮痛剤の服用と。

🍵8. コレステロール値を下げる🌿。

😄✨🌿🍵お元気ですか? ゆみがみんなと共有した生姜に関する知識や特性。多少なりともお役に立てれば幸いですが、ずっとゆみはみんなに健康になってもらいたいと思っているので、ハーブドリンクを飲みましょうね。次回は、他の種類のタイハーブをお届けしますので、これからもゆみを応援してくださいね。どうもありがとうございました。では、またお会いしましょう🙏😄🙋。

てくばり仲間。「微笑みの国を体感」タイ猫、こでまり あゆみ ハッピースマイル日記 No10トピック 🍃タイのジンジャーティーを知ろう!🌱🍵の巻

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