“Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary No1 Topic 🌿 “Food of the gods. Mangosteen, the queen of fruits Part ” 🌿

kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary

“Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary No1 Topic 🌿 “Food of the gods. Mangosteen, the queen of fruits Part ” 🌿

🙏😃Hello, today, Ayumi will present you one type of Thai fruit that is well known to everyone, “Mangosteen”.Well, let’s get to know Thai mangosteen.

🌿Mangosteen the queen of medicinal fruits, popularly eating fruit Benefits and properties help heal wounds, cure diarrhea, reduce inflammation, and antibacterial Peel can make cosmetics.
🌿Mangosteen is a type of tropical evergreen plant. It is believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Maluku Islands. Spread to the West Indies around the 24th century and then to Guatemala.

🌿Thailand is one of the world’s most mangosteen exporters. To many countries around the world such as the United States, China, Japan and the Netherlands. With an annual export value of more than 1,500 million baht, mangosteen exported for sale Also abroad, both in the form of fresh fruit and processed mangosteen The southern region is the largest mangosteen plantation in Thailand. It is able to produce good quality and good taste mangosteen compared to mangosteen in other regions of the country. Because there is a suitable environment From the fact that the mangosteen is unique in both the shape of the beautiful fruit And has a sweet and sour taste It is so loved by both Thai and foreigners that it has earned the nickname “Queen of Fruits”.

📍 In the next Happy Smile Diary, we will tell you about 🌿 Mangosteen’s characteristics 🌿.
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Please take a look 👈 I wish you good health. Sawasdeeka 

おくばり仲間。「埮笑みの囜を䜓感」タむ猫、こでたり あゆみ ハッピヌスマむル日蚘 No11 トピック 🌿「神々の食べ物。 果物の女王マンゎスチン」 Part 🌿の巻

🙏😃こんにちは、今日、あゆみはみんなによく知られおいるタむの果物の䞀皮「マンゎスチン」を玹介したす。では、タむのマンゎスチンに぀いお孊びたしょう。 🌿薬甚果物の女王マンゎスチン、䞀般的に果物を食べる利点ず特性は、傷を癒し、䞋痢を治し、炎症を軜枛し、抗菌性の皮が化粧品を䜜るのに圹立ちたす。

🌿マンゎスチンは熱垯の垞緑怍物の䞀皮です。 スンダ列島ずマルク諞島で発生したず考えられおいたす。 24䞖玀頃に西むンド諞島に広がり、次にグアテマラに広がりたした。 🌿タむは䞖界で最もマンゎスチンの茞出囜の1぀です。 米囜、䞭囜、日本、オランダなど、䞖界䞭の倚くの囜に。 幎間茞出額は15億バヌツを超え、マンゎスチンは販売甚に茞出されおいたす。 海倖でも、新鮮な果物ず加工マンゎスチンの䞡方の圢で南郚地域はタむで最倧のマンゎスチン蟲園です。 囜内の他の地域のマンゎスチンず比范しお、良質で味の良いマンゎスチンを生産するこずができたす。 マンゎスチンは、矎しい果実の圢ず甘酞っぱい味の䞡方がナニヌクであるこずから タむ人にも倖囜人にも愛され、「フルヌツの女王」ず呌ばれおいたす。

是非芋おくださいね👈 çš†ã•ã‚“ã®å¥åº·ã‚’é¡˜ã£ãŠã„ãŸã™ã€‚ã‚µãƒ¯ãƒ‡ã‚£ãƒŒã‚«ã‚¡â€Šàžªàž§àž±àžªàž”àžµàž„àž°ðŸ™ðŸ¥°ðŸ™ã€‚

おくばり仲間。「埮笑みの囜を䜓感」タむ猫、こでたり あゆみ ハッピヌスマむル日蚘 No12トピック 🌿「神々の食べ物。 果物の女王マンゎスチン」🌿の巻

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kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary
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