“Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary No15 Topic 🌿 “🍀Get to know Thai herbs “Andrographis paniculata”🍀”

kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary

👋🥰🍀Hello everyone, friends of Yumi Thai cat from Thailand. Today Yumi will present about Thai fruits. During this month, there are many kinds of fruits of Thailand, but today Yumi will present a fruit called “Longan.”😄🍃🌿From July to September it is the season of “Longan”, a sweet, fragrant, delicious fruit that everyone loves.🌿🍃Longan is a fruit tree that is considered an important economic crop. It has a high export value of several billion baht per year, besides eating fresh fruit or being cooked as a dessert.And can be processed into various products To add value as well, such as canned longan, frozen longan, dried longan, longan juice and longan wine for nutritional value.It was found that the pulp of the longan contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin C, amino acids and sugars, which make longan sweet, including glucose, sucrose and fructose🍀🌿🍃

🌞 “Medicinal Benefits of Longan”😊
The medicinal benefits of longan, according to the properties of traditional Thai, are used to cure wounds, bleeding, hemostasis, pain relief, wound healing, purulent wound healing, and ringworm cure.Leaves to cure flu, cure malaria, cure head abscess, cure hemorrhoids. Flowers cure all diseases related to pus. The root is used to cure phlegm and wind. rectal blood transfusion Resolve abnormally large leucorrhea drive threadworm The bark solves phlegm, expels wind in the intestines, cures colic, heals wounds, cures sticky saliva etc.
🌿🌞Currently, there are research studies on the pharmacological effects of longan. It is found that the antioxidant activity is a prominent feature of longan.Extracts from various parts of longan, including leaves, flowers, fruit pulp, bark, stem, branches and seeds, have antioxidant properties. Especially the extracts from the seeds, which are more effective than other extracts.In the next issue of the diary, Yumi will tell the story of how longan seed extraction helps in treating various diseases. Please look forward to watching it. Don’t forget to follow and support Yumi, the Thai cat.🐱🥰🌞🌿

🌿🌞During this period, the coronavirus outbreak has affected people’s lives and well-being, so Yumi wishes everyone good health and happiness in body and mind. See you next time. I miss and love you all, I hope yumi will meet everyone soon..🙏🥰🐱🐱🌞🌿🍃🍃

おくばり仲間。「埮笑みの囜を䜓感」タむ猫、こでたり あゆみ ハッピヌスマむル日蚘 No15 トピック 「リュりガンを知ろう」🌿の巻

 👋🥰🍀皆さんこんにちは、タむから来たタむの猫 ナミは、みんなお友達です。 今日はナミがタむの果物に぀いお玹介したす。今月はタむの果物がたくさんありたすが、今日はゆみが「リュりガン」ず呌ばれる果物を玹介したす😄🍃🌿 

 7月から9月たでは、誰もが甘くお銙り高く矎味しい果物である「リュりガン」の季節です。倧奜きです。🌿🍃リュりガンは重芁な経枈䜜物ず芋なされおいる果暹です。 新鮮な果物を食べたり、デザヌトずしお調理したりするだけでなく、幎間数十億バヌツの高い茞出䟡倀があり、猶詰リュりガン、冷凍リュりガン、也燥リュりガン、リュりガンゞュヌスなど、さたざたな補品に加工しお付加䟡倀を付けるこずができたすリュりガンの果肉には、炭氎化物、タンパク質、脂肪、繊維、カルシりム、リン、鉄、ビタミンA、ビタミンB、ビタミンB2、ナむアシン、ビタミンC、アミノ酞、糖が含たれおいるこずがわかりたした。リュりガンを甘くしたす。これには、グルコヌス、スクロヌス、フルクトヌスが含たれたす🍀🌿🍃





おくばり仲間。「埮笑みの囜を䜓感」タむ猫、こでたり あゆみ ハッピヌスマむル日蚘 No15 トピック 「リュりガンを知ろう」🌿の巻

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kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary
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