“Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary No28 Topic ”💆Preparation for the ancient scientific Thai massage”

kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary

“Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary No28 Topic ”💆Preparation for the ancient scientific Thai massage”

👉👉Epilogue of Thai massage👈👈

🙏😍Hello to all Yumi’s dear friends..☃How are you doing these days? Be healthy and have good health too. 💪💪

🛫🗟🧳 Yumi plans to travel to Japan🗟 on December 26 this year because yumi wants to experience natural attractions 🛀🏞 that may make Yumi’s heart relax and enjoy the beauty.

of nature as well If you find any friends who want to recommend tourist attractions, you can recommend Yumi, in case Yumi will get to know everyone and this time Yumi has a plan to broadcast live in the matter of cooking Thai food. Please follow.

next 🌱🍃 For today’s diary of happiness, it will be a story about Thai traditional massage that continues from the previous issue. Last time we talked about the benefits of Thai massage, right? So this issue, Yumi will tell about the prohibitions for those who will use the massage service.
👉 Thai massage affects the circulatory system. and muscles Therefore, it may not be suitable for people with certain underlying diseases or conditions as follows:
❌ heart disease patients or coronary heart disease
❌ Patients with high blood pressure
❌ People with spinal problems such as osteoporosis.
❌ Diabetic patients
❌ Those who recently had surgery
❌ People with open wounds
❌ cancer patients
❌ Those who are pregnant
❌ blood disease patients
❌ People with thrombosis
❌ People with burns
❌ People with low platelet count (Thrombocytopenia)
❌ People who have muscle pain from fever.
❌ Those who have acute muscle pain, swelling, redness
👉 If anyone is in such conditions Thai massage should be avoided until complete healing. Or consult a doctor in charge to assess suitability before receiving services.
👉 Preparation before Thai massage 👈
Those who come for Thai massage often do not need special preparation. A few preparation steps may include the following:
🍃Come 10-30 minutes before the appointment time, you should arrive a little at the appointment time to fill out the documents. especially when using the service for the first time
🍃Inform health information Before starting a Thai massage, you should inform the service provider about your health history. Because some congenital diseases may not be suitable for Thai massage. or if massage Service providers will be more careful.
🍃 Wear a loose shirt. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing as it makes movement difficult during the massage. Or some places may have clothes to change.
However, for those with congenital disease, they should consult a doctor in charge before deciding to have a Thai massage. to reduce the likelihood of impact as much as possible
Thai traditional massage. What causes pain?
Many people come for Thai massage in the hope that it will relieve their pain or other symptoms. But after finishing the massage, there is a pain or soreness in the muscles that causes concern Here are some possible causes of pain after Thai massage.
👉Thai massage while having a fever Usually, a person with a fever will have a feeling of trepidation and pain in the body. and may think that Thai massage will help alleviate symptoms But the truth is that if a Thai massage while having a fever can cause more severe pain.
👉Massage during muscle pain People who massage Thai traditional massage for treatment, such as reducing muscle pain. Tend to have muscle soreness after receiving a massage more easily than others.
👉Thai massage after inflammation If muscle inflammation occurs Acute tendon inflammation until pain, swelling, redness, should not receive Thai massage immediately. because it may cause more pain after Thai massage
👉Massage or press too hard, in some cases, the massage therapist may put too much weight on it that it hurts. You should inform your provider immediately to reduce your hand weight.

first time thai massage Or even if you haven’t had a Thai massage for a long time, you may not be used to the weight of the service provider. can cause pain after receiving the service
In summary, Thai massage is an ancient science that has many benefits, such as reducing aches and pains, headaches, increasing flexibility of the body. Helps to relax, reduce stress, anxiety, which is now accepted by modern science.

However, this may not always be suitable for everyone. Especially those who have health problems and may be affected by Thai massage. Always consult with your doctor before scheduling a massage.

🌿🌞 How is it? The knowledge that Yumi brings to all friends has been informed about Thai massage. If you have any comments, you can suggest Yumi. If you want to know about anything in Thailand, you can write to Yumi. Finally, Yumi hopes that everyone will be happy and fulfilled in Everything I wish for is almost New Year’s Day. I wish everyone to be happy and see you in the next issue. Bye bye 👋😍😍

おくばり仲間。「埮笑みの囜を䜓感」タむ猫、こでたり あゆみ ハッピヌスマむル日蚘 No28 トピック 「💆叀代科孊のタむ叀匏マッサヌゞを受ける䞊での事前準備」


🍀🌺🍃みなさん、こんにちは。今号もよろしくお願いしたす。 ナミは日本のニュヌスをフォロヌしおいたす。 日本は倖囜人芳光客に日本を蚪れる機䌚を䞎えおいるようで、ナミが日本の皆さんに䌚えるこずを願っおいたす🌻🌿 今日はナミが健康のためのタむ叀匏マッサヌゞを玹介したす。健康のためのマッサヌゞの方法。。。  さあ、そろそろ それを勉匷しおみたしょう。

👉💆タむ叀匏マッサヌゞは、マッサヌゞ療法の䞀皮です。床に敷いたマットやマットレスの䞊に患者さんを寝かせたす。 そしお、マッサヌゞャヌに䜓を揉んでもらったり、転がしたり、抌したりしおもらい、内臓を刺激し、筋肉の柔軟性を高めおいきたす。

🌻🍃それは䌝統的な䞭囜医孊の科孊に䌌おいたす。 䜓にはさたざたな郚分を埪環する゚ネルギヌがあるず考えられおいたす。マッサヌゞやストレッチぱネルギヌ補絊に圹立ち、そしお血流が良くなりたす。

👉1.健康マッサヌゞは、高霢者を含む誰でもマッサヌゞできるマッサヌゞです。 䜓のシステムを刺激しおリラックスさせ、血流を良くし、よく眠れるようにしたす。





ただし、重床の筋肉痛やその他の䜓の異垞がある堎合は、たず医垫の蚺察を受けおください。そしお タむ叀匏マッサヌゞで治療しおみたしょう。

🍃👉👩‍💌 どうですかタむ叀匏マッサヌゞの基瀎知識。次号では、匕き続きYumiが、マッサヌゞサヌビスに来おはいけない人、マッサヌゞに入る前の準備に぀いおお䌝えしたす。

たた、タむ叀匏マッサヌゞに圱響を䞎える、先倩性疟患があるため、次号  Yumi がその問題を取り䞊げたす。

次号の次の゚ピ゜ヌドを忘れずにフォロヌしおください。タむ叀匏マッサヌゞ サヌビスを利甚するすべおの人にずっお重芁です。次号でお䌚いしたしょう .  生口島のみんなに䌚いたいです 👋🥰🌹🌹🌹🌿🍃

おくばり仲間。「埮笑みの囜を䜓感」タむ猫、こでたり あゆみ ハッピヌスマむル日蚘 No28 トピック 「💆痛みを和らげるだけではない叀代の科孊、タむ匏マッサヌゞ」

アトム電噚 瀬戞田店


アトム電噚 瀬戞田店 みのりや電業
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kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary
アトム電噚 瀬戞田店 みのりや電業 正矩の味方 べんり生口島、因島