“Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary No33 Topic “👉🍍Let’s get to know Phu Lae Pineapple.🍍👈”

kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary

“Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary No33 Topic “👉🍍Let’s get to know Phu Lae Pineapple.🍍👈”

🙋🏻Hello everyone. Recently, Japan is entering spring. but for that country It has officially entered summer. In the past, the world has experienced a crisis from the outbreak of the corona virus. affecting the economy of every country that has it all Yumi would like to cheer up and send good wishes to everyone. Always keep your body and mind healthy.

🍍for this diary Ayumi would like to introduce one fruit that many people know is pineapple🍍. This type of pineapple can only be grown in Thailand, namely “Phulae🍍” pineapple. Let’s get to know this kind of pineapple.

At present, “🍍Phu Lae🍍” pineapple is known as the pineapple that Thai people eat the most compared to more than 10 other pineapple species.

🍍Phu Lae Pineapple is a variety of pineapple that has dry, crispy flesh, delicious, can be eaten whole, fragrant, just right sweet, not sour and does not bite the mouth. Phu Lae Pineapple is not a species of pineapple that has been developed by humans. It may be called a real coincidence of nature because the word “Phu Lae” 🍍is the specific name of the Phuket pineapple variety that was planted in Nang Lae Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province. Due to the very different climatic environments, this pineapple tree has adapted to survive with the new environment from a large Phuket pineapple to a small handful of small pineapples, resulting in Perfectly modified in taste with good characteristics, resulting in the name 🍍”Phu Lae”. 🍍And if Yumi’s friends like and used to eat big pineapples If coming to Thailand Don’t forget to look for and buy Phu Lae pineapples to eat. Your friends will love it because the taste is really right. Phu Lae pineapples can be found everywhere in Thailand. Most importantly, the price is very cheap. The thing to keep in mind is that this pineapple is about the size of a handful.

Lastly, Ayumi plans to travel to Japan again from April 30 to May 14, 2023 to plan an event with her friends on the island of Ikuchijima.To participate in exchange activities, cook Thai food and teach Thai language. If friends are free, come and meet. Thank you for your support and always followed Ayumi’s diary I wish you all a very happy day and see you soon.Swadee ka🙏🥰🇹🇭🌞☘🌿🍃

May 7th (Sunday) Ayumi, who is familiar with Happy Smile Diary, will visit Ikuchijima.
While playing a domino game, let’s make a simple one-point Thai conversational expression, Thai food, and it’s finally come true! !  Belvedere Setoda will hold “Flowers and Happiness Instagram Live” etc. Fun exchange events, so please come and visit us.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you”

おくばり仲間。「埮笑みの囜を䜓感」タむ猫、こでたり あゆみ ハッピヌスマむル日蚘 No33 トピック 「👉🍍プヌレヌパむナップルを知ろう🍍👈」

🙋🏻 みなさんこんにちは。 最近、日本は春を迎えおいたす。 でも囜によっおは 本栌的に倏に入りたした。 か぀お、䞖界は新型コロナりむルスの感染拡倧により危機に芋舞われ各囜の経枈に圱響を及がしおいたす。 ナミはみんなを元気を䞎えたいし、良くなるように願いを送りたす. 心ず䜓を垞に健康に保ちたしょう。
『プヌ レヌ🍍』ずいう蚀葉は、チェン ラむ県ムアン郡ナン レヌ郡に怍えられたプヌケット パむナップルの品皮の固有名であるため、たさに自然の偶然ず蚀えたす。

気候環境が倧きく異なるため、このパむナップルの朚は、プヌケット産の倧きなパむナップルから、手のひらサむズの小さなパむナップルたで、新しい環境に適応しお生き延びた結果、良い特城を持った味に完璧に倉化し、『🍍プヌレヌ🍍』ず名付けられたのです。たた、ナミのお友達が倧きなパむナップルが奜きで沢山食べたいのなら、タむに来たら『プヌ レヌ🍍』のパむナップルを探しお買っお食べるこずを忘れないでください。味は本圓に正しいので、皆さんのお友達にも喜んでもらえたすよ。プヌレヌパむナップルは、タむではどこでも手に入りたす。䜕より、䟡栌が非垞に安いこずです。 泚意すべきこずは、このパむナップルは手のひらサむズの倧きさだずいうこずです。

最埌に、アナミは2023幎4月30日から5月14日たで再び日本に行き、生口島で友人たちずむベントを䌁画する予定です。亀流掻動に参加し、タむ料理を䜜り、タむ語を教えるためです。もし、ゆみのお友達のみんなが暇なら、䌚いに来おくださいね。  い぀もアナミの日蚘を芋おくださっおありがずうございたすボ(*Ž∀)ノ サワディヌカヌ🙏🥰🇹🇭🌞☘🌿🍃。

5月7日日曜日 ハッピヌスマむル日蚘でお銎染みのアナミさんが生口島ぞ来島されたす。
ドミノゲヌムをしながら、簡単 ワンポむントタむ語䌚話衚珟、タむ料理を䜜ろう、  
そしお ぀いに実珟  ベルベデヌルせずだで『お花で幞せむンスタラボラむブ』etc 


おくばり仲間。「埮笑みの囜を䜓感」タむ猫、こでたり あゆみ ハッピヌスマむル日蚘 No33 トピック 「👉🍍プヌレヌパむナップルを知ろう🍍👈」

アトム電噚 瀬戞田店


アトム電噚 瀬戞田店 みのりや電業
正矩の味方 べんり

kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary
アトム電噚 瀬戞田店 みのりや電業 正矩の味方 べんり生口島、因島