“Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary No31 Topic “🏝Ikuchijima island experience🗟🏝”

kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary

“Tekubari” Friend “Experience the Land of Smiles” Thai Cat kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary No31 Topic “🏝Ikuchijima island experience🗟🏝”

👋🙏🥰Hello everyone, Ayumi is come back with my first diary article in 2023. Today ayumi will share my experience of traveling to Ikuchijima Island. And thanks 🙏🥰 to the “Tasaka family” for taking care of everything Ayumi was there. Thanks to the father and mother as well as her sister and husband of Fumiaki’s family. Who delivers a lot of warmth and love to Ayumi very much, Ayumi, this Thai cat wearing glasses feel grateful and impressed with the warmth Love sent to Ayumi.🙏❀Thank you Akemi (Ayumi’s mother) for letting Yumi be a daughter and thank you uncles, aunts and ❀my lovely friends

.🙏🥰Thanks to Uncle Tsubaki for kindly giving Ayumi knowledge about camellias🌞🍃🌿.The aforementioned impressions will forever be etched in Yumi’s heart.Traveling on Ikuchijima Island has provided an experience and fun that cannot be found anywhere else Have done activities together, such as teaching Thai language or teaching Thai cooking, as well as learning to arrange beautiful flowers, making my heart full of happiness.🙏❀Thank you Fumiaki 👉Who gave Yumi a smile 😄and warmth🀗,happy 🥰to ayumi and gave the opportunity to travel to Ikuchijima Island🏝🌅. An island filled with warmth🥰 of the people living on the island. learn culture Learn how to live in the style of Japanese people, some of which are different from Thailand.Yumi thinks this is a good opportunity given by everyone to deliver experiences and ideas for life and perspectives on various stories for Yumi to apply in life in Thailand thanks to the island Beautiful and people full of warmth and good feelings, beautiful nature and a simple life that Yumi thinks. It is very valuable for going to Japan once. So many that it is impossible to describe or write it all out.However, if Ayumi had the opportunity to go to Ikuchijima Island again. Ayumi will prepare a variety of activities to exchange knowledge with each other. It’s cold and rainy in Japan these days, so everyone please take care of your health💪.Finally, Ayumi❀ wishes everyone a very happy day and see you again bye bye.👋👋🥰

🗟🍃🌞In the next diary, Yumi will return to present the story of experience in Japan👋👋🥰🛬🗟🍃🌞 and impression In the places that Yumi visited.And If you are interested about to Thailand, come and get to know Ayumi again at the live flower arrangement event in April and Yumi will introduce and do activities related to Thai food as well.Let’s get to know Thailand together. See you soon. Bye bye. Please take good care of your health and wish everyone happiness and see you soon.👋👋🥰🛬🗟🍃🌞

おくばり仲間。「埮笑みの囜を䜓感」タむ猫、こでたり あゆみ ハッピヌスマむル日蚘 No31 トピック 「🏝生口島䜓隓🗟🏝」

👋🙏🥰🥰皆さんこんにちは、アナミは2023幎、最初の日蚘蚘事で戻っおきたしたよ。  今日はアナミが生口島に旅行した時の䜓隓を玹介したす。



アナミにたくさんの枩もりず愛を届けおくれた人達。 メガネのタむ猫アナミは、アナミに送られた枩かな愛に感謝し、感動しおいたす🙏❀

おじさん、おばさん、そしお❀私の玠敵な友達  🙏🥰

ナミを嚘にさせおくれた明矎お母さんさんアナミの母、そしお叔父さん、叔母さん、そしお私の玠敵な友達に感謝したす  ..🙏🥰






最近の日本は寒くお雚が倚いので、皆さん健康に気を぀けおください💪。 最埌に、アナミは皆さんにずっお幞せな䞀日でありたすようにに願っおいたす、、、たた䌚いたしょう、バむバむ👋👋🥰

おくばり仲間。「埮笑みの囜を䜓感」タむ猫、こでたり あゆみ ハッピヌスマむル日蚘 No31 トピック 「🏝生口島䜓隓🗟🏝」

アトム電噚 瀬戞田店


アトム電噚 瀬戞田店 みのりや電業
正矩の味方 べんり

kodemari-Ayumi Happy Smile Diary
アトム電噚 瀬戞田店 みのりや電業 正矩の味方 べんり生口島、因島